If you are involved in a car accident, the fender of your car may be damaged. While the terms fender and bumper are often used interchangeably, they are two different parts on your car. The fender connects to either your front or back bump, framing the outside of your wheels. This helps to protect the wheels of your car. If the fender is damaged during a car accident, you may be wondering if it can be repaired and how. Here are the different ways that fenders can be repaired following a car accident.


If the fender is scratched, there are two different ways the scratch can be repaired. In some instances, minor scratches can be buffed out. If the scratch is deep, it may need to be filled in before it can be buffed and painted to get rid of the scratch.


Many dents can be pulled out of a fender. However, while there are various ways to pull dents out of bumpers, suction is the only recommended way to pull a dent out of a fender. Pounding a dent out or filling it in is not recommended. As such, a repair shop will use a large item that looks like a vacuum hose to suck the dent out. If the dent does not budge, the fender may need to be replaced.

Cracks or Breaks

The last type of damage that may be present on a fender is a crack or break. If there is a crack or break, the repair technician will need to determine the extent of the break. If it can be reinforced and filled, a technician will do this. This process is very similar to filling in a large scratch. However, if the crack or break is extensive, filling it in and reinforcing it may not work. The part needs to have enough strength to protect your wheels in a car accident. If the crack or break is large, it may need to be replaced to ensure the structural integrity of the piece and help protect you and your car in an accident.

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