Dent Removal

Dents may seem somewhat trivial, and in many cases they are - a slight door ding, perhaps a scuff from a misplaced shopping cart. Barely noticeable and easy to fix. However, some cosmetic calamities may be more involved. Most vehicle body styles are not just perfectly flat - curves, complex geometries and raised edges are common. It is when these features are compromised that the repairs get a bit trickier.

Reconstructive Surgery

Pulling a dent out of a flat body panel quite simple. But when faced with a myriad of angles and slopes coming together in one place, which is of course where the dent will happen to be, true skill is required. We have seen every manner of dent on every type of vehicle and body style - and we have fixed them all. Equipped with the proper equipment for every job along with years of experience, Minnetonka Collision Center will make any dent disappear as though it never happened.

If your vehicle gets a dent, don't try to pound it out at home. Leave this work to the professionals. Our expert technicians are well versed in the art of dent removal, and we've worked on everything from tiny hail damage to heavy fender benders, we'll transform your twisted metal into the exact shape it was when it rolled off the lot.