Color Matching

Have you ever tried one of those little bottles of touch-up paint from the local auto parts store in an attempt to remedy a door ding on your vehicle? And how did that turn out? It’s a relatively safe assumption to say that it probably looked better than bare metal, but it certainly did not stand up to greater scrutiny. Today’s automotive finishes provide an unimaginable pallet of complex hues and ingredients, and are applied in a highly specialized manner. Color matching is an equally involved process, unlike the days of the Model-T where you had a choice of black, or black.

Color matching is an art. You can't just walk into an auto parts store, buy a can of spray paint, and make a good match. Even if you select the exact same type of paint that your vehicle had when it rolled off the assembly line, you're likely to be off by a bit due to fading, clear coats, and other factors.

Paint Matching Artists

Our technicians are artists. They carefully match up the colors until they get the perfect shade. Then the magic begins. We use a professional-grade paint bay at our shop where we control humidity, airborne particulates, air pressure, and other factors that can affect the finish. The end result is a perfect match. How perfect? You won't be able to tell where the original defect was.

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