Concierge Service

Some collision repair facilities require you to bring them your vehicle by whatever means necessary - tow it in, drag it in or push it in. You might get a ride home if someone is available to do so, but don’t count on it. Such shops do not typically have an employee or two hanging out waiting to give someone a ride. But Minnetonka Collision is very different. We offer rental car services, pickup and dropoff (for you and/or your vehicle) and 24/7 towing service. With us, you’re never stranded, and won’t have to sit in the waiting room for an entire day.

We are at your service

Your experience with any consumer business, good or bad, is a sum of every part. Customer service, product quality, personal attention and value are the ingredients of every client satisfaction formula. In order to provide a complete solution, we strive not only to perform the finest collision repair work, but to also add value to the overall experience with such additional services. How well would we rate if we did great work, but if you had to flag down a cab to get home after dropping off your car? Well, we won't have to find out because Minnetonka Collision Center has these details covered!