Fleet Services

If your business relies on a number of passenger vehicles, we are able to service them all as needed. From delivery vehicles to rental cars, from cabs to police cars - repairs are typically required with greater frequency based on the application and the rigors of protracted use. Whether our company needs to service 3 or 4 vehicles, or 25, we are equipped and ready for the job.

Your vehicles are the lifeblood of your business, and you can't afford to let a dent in a fender put a dent in your business. And even if all of your vehicles are looking great, they'll still need regular maintenance in order to keep working. 

Avoid Costly Repairs 

When your fleet is cared for by Minnetonka Collision, we'll help you avoid costly repairs - and time off the streets - by keeping all of your vehicles running in tip-top shape. Our expert mechanics are among the best in the business, and our diagnostic tools and maintenance programs are cutting edge. 

Local Mechanics 

We know Minnesota and how the climate can affect vehicles. After all, we are based right here in the Twin Cities - not part of some national chain. So if you're looking for experts who care about your vehicle and our communities, you're in the right place. Call Minnetonka Collision today.