Insurance Preferred Shop

Our process, our reputation and our attention to detail make us highly regarded in the eyes of insurance providers everywhere. This is vital in ensuring procedural continuity in the entire experience - from the repair to the insurance claim to the satisfied client years down the road. Being an ‘insurance preferred’ shop validates our commitment to our clients, as well as the integrity of our work.

What it takes...

Getting to be an "Insurance Preferred Shop" does not just happen. A perfect operational record and years of accountable service are evaluated in the process. Insurance agencies must enjoy a level of rapport and comfort that reflects well on their businesses as well as ours. What it translates into is a better experience for our customers. Since insurance claims are generally involved in accidents and repairs, they must be integrated into the whole if we are to be effective in what we do. We handle you claims from start to finish and enjoy great relationships with a multitude of insurance providers, all of which serves to solidify our outstanding reputation of excellence.