Hail Damage Repair

For anyone who has experienced hail damage on your vehicle, you know the despair that is felt when you first realize that those spots all over your roof and your hood are actually all dents. Depending on the severity of the hail storm, you may find a few or you may find hundreds. Severe, large hail can even shatter your auto glass, leaving your automotive investment in ruin. But all is not lost - Minnetonka Collision Center specializes in hail damage repair, and when we're done, you will not see any trace of what mother nature unleashed before.

"Look mom, no dents!"

Hail damage removal requires specialized equipment, patience and experience. We have them all in abundance. While some hail damage might be more or less pronounced, the repair process is similar. Dents caused by hail can either be removed, or certain body panels may have to be replaced if the damage is too severe. 

Whichever technique we employ, the end result will be that your vehicle will look as good or better than it did before the hail damage. And if you need help dealing with your insurance company, we can handle that, too. Call Minnetonka Collision today and learn how we can repair hail damage to your vehicles.