Specialty Vehicle Repair

We love our cars! Sports cars, classic cars and luxury cars fill us with a desire to drive in style. But whether you own a restored 57’ Chevy or a brand new Mercedes S-Class Sedan, repairs are a part of life. Accidents happen to the best of us, whether they are our fault or not. A rogue shopping cart, a preoccupied driver backing up at the mall, a patch of ice you didn’t notice going around a curve in the road - the possibilities are endless and the probability is ever-present. But Minnetonka Collision is standing by, ready to resolve any misadventure, large or small.

Unique Requirements

Not all vehicles are created equal. Sports, luxury and classic cars are generally more complicated to work on as compared to the average sedan or SUV. Unique components and high-grade finishes require extraordinary attention to detail. In order to realize repairs that are indiscernible from the original, a higher level of expertise is called for. You will find that expertise at Minnetonka Collision Center, but you won't find a single flaw in your repaired Porsche no matter how closely you look.

We Love Cool Cars

We love cars. That's why we do what we do. And we understand that you love your vehicle, too. When you need a repair on your high-end sedan, sports car, classic car or other specialty vehicle, you certainly need top-notch technicians. But you also need someone who shares your enthusiasm for great vehicles. That's us. We love what we do - especially when we get to work on a unique vehicle. For a professional, passionate experience, give Minnetonka Collision a call today.