Storm Damage Repair

Our vehicles are just as vulnerable to storm damage as anything else. Hail, strong winds and flooding can wreak havoc on your ride, and Minnesota can dish out all of these pleasantries in good supply. Storm damage can also be particulary challenging to repair. Unlike having to replace a quarter panel after a parking lot bender-bender, when your entire vehicle is decorated with minute dents from a hail storm, it will test the metal of any repair shop tasked with undoing the damage.

It's all in the details

Storm damage can affect more than just your vehicle's finish. Glass, sideview mirrors and even some internal systems can be compromised. The key to getting the repairs right is to have a keen awareness of everything that needs attention. With a thorough inspection by Minnetonka Collision Center, we ensure that not even the slightest detail is missed, and that your vehicle will look and function exactly as it did before the storm damage occurred.

We'll handle your insurance claim, too. When a storm damages your vehicle it hurts, but we'll make this process as painless as possible.