Bumper Repair

You don't want to be driving around the Twin Cities with your bumper half hanging off. Not only is it unsightly and will attract attention for all the wrong reasons, but it's also a safety issue.

The first bumpers started out as bars of steel welded onto the vehicle's frame. Aesthetics were reserved for the carriage itself, and they served in a purely functional capacity. As automotive development evolved over the decades, bumpers became less noticeable, concealed beneath the outer shell of the vehicle, but still playing an important role in collision safety. During an accident involving front or rear impact, your bumpers are designed to absorb and mitigate some of the damage.

A Matter of Safety

Even if your vehicle is involved in a minor accident, be sure to have the bumpers evaluated for proper structural integrity. Your bumper does not need to be hanging below you car to be considered for replacement. A sheared bolt, metal fatigue or misalignment can have catastrophic consequences should you be another accident without having addressed the problem. Minnetonka Collision Center can inspect, repair and replace your bumper as necessary, keeping you safer while you drive.