Fender Repair

Your vehicle's fenders probably take the most punishment of any body part on the car. As the term implies, a "fender-bender" defines the event that usually occurs involving your fenders. From run-away shopping carts to minor collisions in the parking lot, from rocks and gravel hitting them on country roads to more serious accidents on the road - your fenders are the first to fall in battle.

Fender repair and replacement

Fenders are the first line of defense against undesired contact with foreign objects. Given the frequency of fender damage, this repair is among the most common in the industry. We can exact repairs quickly, and if the damage calls for complete fender replacement, Minnetonka Collision Center can handle that with similar efficiency.

Let us take care of your car. We'll get you back on your feet (well, wheels) as quickly as possible. And when you get your vehicle back from us, you'll notice that it's probably looking better than ever. That's no mistake. At Minnetonka Collision, we aim to not only repair the damage inflicted in your car, but to do so in a way that you'll never know that it happened.