Your car is a major investment that needs to be treated as such if it's going to last. There are numerous ways that you can protect your investment so that you are able to get the most out of it. Here are a few:

1. Always Follow the Manufacturer's Recommendations
Whether you purchased your vehicle brand new off the dealership's lot or you bought it new, you should always heed the manufacturer's recommendations when it comes to servicing and replacing parts. This can be fairly routine if you are the sole owner of a vehicle. For a car that was used when you purchased it though, it can be a bit trickier to navigate. A good rule of thumb is to go ahead and replace a part as the manufacturer's schedule recommends unless you have reputable evidence that shows that it is new.

2. Don't Put Off Body Work
It can be hard to justify a trip to the body shop for minor issues but the alternative could be dire. If your teen driver scrapes the bumper of your car while the two of you are out having a driving lesson or your SUV sustains a dent delivered by a shopping cart, for example, these minor bodywork issues can be easy to gloss over as unimportant.

Not addressing them promptly, however, could bring into question the integrity of your car's structure. While that might sound dramatic, even minor bumps, dents and dings can rub off the paint and expose the metal underneath. With the harsh Minnesota winters, the formation of rust on these vulnerable areas isn't a matter of if, only when it will happen. If you wait until that stage, a minor body work repair can easily turn into a more extensive job.

3. Pay Attention to Unusual Behaviors and Sounds
You know your vehicle best. It's important to get into the habit of doing an informal assessment of your car every time you start it up. Listen for any unusual sounds. Be observant while you're driving and note any behaviors -- such as shimming, vibrating or pulling -- that weren't evident the previous time you drove it. Much like the body work mentioned above, these behaviors and sounds aren't going to get better on their own. You need to address them right away to protect your car.

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