If you’re the unfortunate victim of a fender bender, you may be considering leaving your dents unrepaired. After all, what kind of issues can a dented bumper or fender possibly cause? At Minnetonka Collision, we know many vehicle owners believe fender bender repairs are wholly unnecessary. Unfortunately, though, even minor damage that goes unrepaired can snowball into larger issues down the road. So if you’re thinking about leaving that dent in your bumper, think again. Here are the top reasons you should always take your car to a qualified auto body repair shop after a fender bender.


Concealed Internal Damage

Fender benders may seem like nothing to worry about, but they can actually cause serious internal damage you cannot see. Even a minor collision can weaken the structural integrity of your vehicle, putting you at risk every time you get behind the wheel. What types of dangerous internal damage can result from a fender bender?


●        Frame damage

●        Electrical system failure

●        Suspension damage

●        Transmission damage


Because the potential for internal damage is often high, it is imperative that you have your vehicle examined by a qualified auto body repair shop. Trained and experienced technicians will evaluate the extent of the damage and alert you to any potential hazards. Plus, repairing a fender bender is quick, easy, and convenient, so you won’t be without your vehicle for days on end.


Vehicle Resale Value

Do you think you may want to sell your vehicle or use it as a future trade-in? If so, you should always maintain its exterior in top form. Letting fender bender damage go unrepaired reduces the value of your vehicle, and it may even contribute to wear-and-tear that further reduces your potential resale price.


Future Insurance Issues

Let’s say you don’t have that fender bender damage repaired – what happens if you suffer another collision? While you may have thought it unnecessary to repair minor damage from the original collision, that damage can create quite an issue with a future insurance claim. In a fender bender, it can be difficult to assess the extent of the damage, and for all you know, your vehicle might have weakened structural components.


When your insurance adjuster assesses damage from any future collisions, he or she may immediately notice the existing damage from your previous fender bender. If compromised structural components contributed to more extensive damage in your most recent collision, your insurance adjuster might have the right to deny your claim.


Preventing Future Wear-And-Tear

A flawless vehicle appearance may not be important to everyone, but keeping your vehicle exterior well-maintained can prevent wear-and-tear. If you choose to let that bumper damage go unrepaired, cracks and creases in the metal can lead to corrosion and rust. And once the corrosion process starts, it’s difficult to curtail the damage. Rust can quickly overtake the metal components of your vehicle, especially when precipitation levels are high and salt is present on snowy winter roads. The last thing you want is to find out the undercarriage of your vehicle has developed rust because you neglected a quick bumper repair.


Expert Auto Body Repair in the Twin Cities

At Minnetonka Collision, we’ve been serving vehicle owners throughout the Twin Cities metro for over 30 years. We know an issue when we see it, which is why you should bring your vehicle to our ASE-certified technicians after a minor collision. Whether you need fender repair, bumper repair, or your vehicle suffered more serious internal damage, we’ll take care of you. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at 763-230-7805, or feel free to message us on our contact page.