No one is a perfect driver, and sometimes, fender bender accidents happen. Despite being careful, it’s fairly easy to bump into another car or object and cause slight damage to the body of your vehicle.

Fender benders should be repaired quickly to prevent further damage to your automobile. Not only is a dented fender or bumper unsightly, but it can also leave your car susceptible to further paint damage and rust formation.

At Minnetonka Collision, we specialize in a wide variety of auto body repair services and techniques that can restore any type of damage your vehicle sustained from a fender bender.

Let’s take a look at what we can do for you, and when you’re ready to schedule your auto body repairs, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Fender Repair

Often, the term “fender bender” is used to refer to all types of minor collisions. But if you want to get technical, the fender is the part of your vehicle that arches over the wheels.

Many people also refer to their front bumper as the fender, but that’s technically incorrect, although common. In a front-end collision and even in some rear-end collisions, it’s the fender that typically ends up taking the brunt of the damage.

The fender acts as the first line of defense for the area around your tires, and if you let a damaged fender sit, corrosion can easily set in. Fortunately, fenders are one of the most common repairs in the auto body industry, and in many cases, the repair work takes just a short amount of time to complete.

At Minnetonka Collision, we have options to simply pull out a dent or fix the dent and repair any resulting paint damage to your fender. In more severe accidents, a full fender replacement may be necessary. Our trained professionals will thoroughly evaluate the damage and work to find the right auto body solution for you.

Bumper Repair

The back end of the car, or the rear bumper, can also suffer its fair share of damage in a minor accident as the bumper is designed to absorb impact from the back of the car. Even if the bumper appears to be intact following an accident, it is always a good idea to have the car inspected by a trained auto body mechanic. Sometimes, internal damage to the bumper is not outwardly apparent, but it must be fixed to maintain the integrity of the bumper’s shock-absorption abilities.

If you let a damaged rear bumper sit and your vehicle is involved in another accident, a compromised bumper could have dangerous consequences. Bumper repairs are usually very simple and often involve fixing the structure that attaches the bumper to the car.

Dent Repair

Unfortunately, fender benders almost always involve some degree of denting. Luckily, dents are easily repaired within the auto body shop.

While it may seem straightforward to pull a dent out of a car, there are many shapes and angles to consider. Only a trained professional should attempt to remove a dent as a professional auto body repair shop has the proper equipment and training to make your car look smooth and flawless again.

Paintless Dent Repair

If your vehicle suffered a dent that did not include any paint damage, paintless dent repair (PDR) may be the best way to restore the dented area.

PDR involves using specialized tools to gently and slowly coax the dent out of the paneling. This repair technique does not involve any filler, sanding, buffing, or repainting, which makes it far less expensive than standard auto body repairs and much less time consuming.

Check out What Are the Advantages of Paintless Dent Repair? for an in-depth overview of how the technique works and why it’s an excellent solution for restoring certain types of body damage.

Precision Paint Color Matching

While fender benders are typically thought of as minor accidents, sometimes, they can cause some pretty significant paint damage. Even a minor collision with a vehicle or other stationary object can easily crack or chip your vehicle’s paint job, and if you don’t have the paint restored, rust will inevitably set in.

At Minnetonka Collision, we specialize in precision color matching that ensures any necessary touch-up paint is a perfect match for your vehicle’s existing color. We take great care to apply a flawless finish, so when your vehicle is fully restored, you won’t be able to detect there was ever any paint damage.

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