We aren't perfect, and sometimes fender bender accidents happen. We can bump into another car or object and cause slight damage to our vehicles. Fender benders should be repaired quickly to prevent further damage to our cars. Not only are fender bender accidents unsightly, but they can leave your car susceptible to further damage if left unfixed. Luckily, our trained auto body professionals have a wide range of services and techniques to help repair damage sustained from a fender bender.

Fender Repair

The fender, or front bumper, on your car often takes the brunt of the damage. The fender acts as the first line of defense for your car and often the term "fender bender" applies to minor accidents. These accidents can be the result of collisions with other cars, objects, or even shopping carts. Fenders are one of the most common repairs in the auto body industry, and many repairs take just a short amount of time to complete.


We have options to simply remove a dent or repair the paint to your fender. In more severe accidents, a full fender replacement may be necessary. Our trained professionals will help to evaluate the damage and work to find the right auto body solution for you.

Bumper Repair

The back end of the car, or the bumper, also can take its fair share of impact accidents. The bumper is also meant to absorb impact from the back of the car. Even if the bumper appears to be intact following an accident, it is always a good idea to have the car inspected by a trained auto body mechanic. Sometimes integral damage to the bumper is not outwardly apparent.


If your vehicle was involved in another accident, a failed bumper could have dangerous consequences. Bumper repairs are usually very simple and often involve fixing the structure that attaches the bumper to the car.

Dent Repair

Unfortunately, sometimes fender benders involve some small dents. Luckily, dents are easily repaired within the auto body shop. While it may seem straightforward to pull a dent out of a car, there are many shapes and angles to consider. Only a trained professional should attempt to remove a dent. A professional auto body shop has the right equipment and training to make your car look smooth and flawless again.


Our team offers the technology and capability of a big corporate shop, with the appeal of a small mom-and-pop operation. We are passionate about customer service and are dedicated to providing our customers with a beautifully repaired car. If you have sustained minor damage as a result of a fender bender, we are here to help. Contact us today for a free estimate.