If you’ve ever known someone who’s been in a minor auto accident, chances are you’ve heard the term fender bender thrown around. But what exactly is a fender bender? In essence, it’s exactly what it sounds like: minor damage to a vehicle’s fender. In most cases, this level of damage won’t affect the vehicle’s ability to operate, but it should still be repaired, regardless of the severity. If you’re ever involved in a fender bender, our Minnetonka Collision team explains what you need to do below.


Immediately After the Accident: Communication Is Key

Just because an auto accident is minor doesn’t mean it should be treated differently than any other type of collision. In fact, you and your passengers (if you have any) can sustain an injury even during a low-speed collision. Immediately after the accident, you’ll need to act quickly. Keep a level head and follow these steps:


●        Make sure everyone in the vehicle is safe and uninjured. If anyone believes they’ve sustained an injury, call 911 or contact a medical professional immediately.

●        Call the police to have an officer join you at the scene of the accident. You’ll need a police report if you plan to file an insurance claim.

●        Call our team at Minnetonka Collision to have your vehicle towed off the road, if necessary. We offer 24/7 towing, so feel free to contact us at any time.

●        Exchange your identifying information with the other driver. Be sure to exchange insurance details.

●        Take photos of the damage for your insurance company.


Should You File an Insurance Claim for a Fender Bender?

Many motorists are under the impression they must file a claim with their insurance company, no matter the extent of the accident. However, if the damage is minor and you can pay for repairs yourself, that may be a better option. Filing a claim—especially if the accident was your fault—can increase your insurance rates, so keep these considerations in mind before making the call:


●        Have you received an estimate for the cost of repairs? Can you pay for it yourself?

●        Will an increase in your insurance rate make it more difficult for you to pay your bill?

●        Does your insurance claim meet Minnesota state requirements?

●        Does your insurance company stipulate that you must file a claim for any type of collision?


Schedule Your Fender Repair

Once you’ve ironed out payment details, it’s time to schedule your auto body repair with our team at Minnetonka Collision. We’ll perform a full inspection of the visible damage as well as the surrounding areas to make sure no internal components were harmed. If your vehicle requires only minor repairs, you can usually get by with a simple dent fix and a new coat of paint. If we locate more extensive damage, however, you’ll likely need a full fender replacement.


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At Minnetonka Collision, we’re true auto enthusiasts. We deeply appreciate a flawless, aesthetic vehicle, and we know you do, too. For decades, we’ve been helping vehicle owners throughout Plymouth and the surrounding Twin Cities metro bring their damaged vehicles back to life, and we’d love to help you, too.


To learn more about our auto body repair services and how we can help you with your fender bender repair, give our team a call at 763-230-7805. You can also get in touch with us on our contact page, and we’ll get back to you shortly! For your convenience, feel free to schedule your free repair estimate online.