Finding a qualified shop to perform your auto body repairs can be challenging if your high-end automobile or specialty vehicle was recently involved in an accident.

At Minnetonka Collision, we understand your vehicle is a major investment, and repairing it requires a special skill set. That’s why we’ve spent decades mastering the ins and outs of auto body repairs for luxury vehicles. If you’ve got questions about high-end collision repair, we’ve got the answers you’re looking for.

Below, we’ve outlined a few of our most frequently asked questions about specialty vehicle repair, and as always, if you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to call us and ask!

1. What Should I Look for In an Auto Body Repair Shop for Luxury Vehicles?

Searching for a shop experienced in luxury vehicle repairs can be challenging. But in this day and age, online customer reviews can paint an accurate picture of the kind of service and results you can expect. When you’re on the hunt for premium-quality, honest, and timely service, always research what previous customers have to say about any auto body repair business you’re considering.

Beyond researching customer reviews, it’s also important to make sure the auto body repair shop you’re considering offers concierge services. These thoughtful and highly convenient services are designed to make the repair process as streamlined and stress-free as possible for you, the client. Services you should look for include:

● Vehicle pick up and drop off
● Rental car service
● 24/7 towing
● Comprehensive insurance claims handling

For more info on what to look for, check out Getting Auto Body Repair Estimates? Tips for Selecting the Right Shop.

2. Will Repairs to My Specialty Vehicle Mimic the Original Design?

When we perform repairs, we do our absolute best to ensure the finished product looks flawless, precisely as it did before the damage occurred. Using various techniques, including precision paint color matching, paintless dent repair, and others, our expert technicians will restore your vehicle to its pre-collision condition.

Does your vehicle have a dent but the paint is still fully intact? Learn all about paintless dent repair and whether it might be a suitable option for your needs.

3. Will Collision Insurance Cover Repairs?

Generally yes, provided you have the right type of insurance. As the owner of a luxury vehicle, you likely have collision and comprehensive insurance, both of which will cover repairs to the body of your vehicle. Comprehensive insurance will also cover auto glass repairs if any of your vehicle’s windows were damaged in an accident, by an act of God, or via an act of vandalism.

However, if your vehicle features aftermarket parts, your insurance policy may not cover the cost of replacing those components since most policies only extend coverage for factory (OEM) parts.

If you have additional insurance coverage for add-on components or specialty parts, your policy will likely cover replacement costs for the insured parts that were damaged. But please keep in mind that as a shop, we have no control over which parts your insurer will or will not authorize. If you have any questions about the specifics of your coverage, contact your insurance company for details.

If you’re planning to file an insurance claim for your repairs, be sure to brush up on the consumer rights you need to know.

4. Is More Time Required to Repair a Luxury Vehicle than a Standard Vehicle?

Generally, auto body repairs on luxury and specialty vehicles require more time than repairs on standard vehicles because high-end parts are more difficult to obtain.

In many cases, specialty parts must be ordered from the manufacturer, and wait times for those parts can vary based on inventory. It’s not uncommon for rare parts to be on backorder, and supply chain issues can also prolong wait times. Furthermore, high-grade finishes require exceptional attention to detail, so while we always do our best to be prompt, premium-quality work does take time.

As with any type of automobile, the extent of the damage to your specialty vehicle also affects the amount of time required to perform the repairs. When you bring your vehicle to the shop, we’ll give you a repair quote along with information on parts availability and an estimated timeframe for project completion.

5. Why Choose Minnetonka Collision Center for Specialty Vehicle Repair?

Why choose us when there are dozens of auto body repair shops in the Twin Cities? Because we’re owner-operated, we truly care, and to put it simply, luxury and exotic vehicles are our passion. We’ve spent decades mastering specialty auto body repairs, and our experience is evident in every job we undertake.

When you trust our insurance-preferred shop with your high-end vehicle, you’ll enjoy:

● Limited lifetime guarantees on our work
● Unmatched quality of workmanship
● Start-to-finish assistance with your insurance claim
● Honest and transparent estimates and service
● Rental car service
● Pickup and drop-off service
● Mobile estimates if you can’t make it to the shop

Your total satisfaction is our number one goal, so if you’re looking for a shop you can trust, make us your first call!

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