Do you practice defensive driving? What about defensive parking? Just as you avoid potentially hazardous situations on the road, you should also avoid them when parking. If you’re not in the habit of parking proactively to avoid auto body damage, there’s no better time to change your ways than now. Our auto body repair specialists as Minnetonka Collision explain how your current parking habits may be putting your vehicle in danger.


You Park Too Close to Other Vehicles

Truth: Most other motorists really don’t care about the condition of your vehicle—they only care about their own. Although you’d probably like to believe most drivers avoid careless actions that could damage other vehicles, the data says they don’t. If you routinely park in crowded areas where door dings and dents are likely, here’s what you can do to lessen your chances of needing auto body repairs:


●        Park at the end of the aisle where few other vehicles are situated.

●        Avoid parking near vehicles that are not properly aligned within their respective parking spaces.

●        Consider parking farther away and walking to your destination, especially if you have a luxury or rare vehicle.

●        If you must park between other vehicles, note the length of each vehicle’s doors. Are they long enough to collide with your vehicle if the driver or passengers open the doors carelessly?


Rather than hastily pulling into the first open space you see, always assess the position of surrounding vehicles. If there’s any reason to believe another driver might accidentally dent your vehicle locate a different parking spot.


You Park In the Open Overnight

In the Twin Cities, you never know when severe weather or a hail storm might hit. If you park your vehicle in the driveway or on the curb, it can easily suffer hail damage or dents from other falling objects. To decrease your likelihood of requiring professional dent removal, park in covered areas whenever possible. Even a simple vehicle tent positioned in your driveway can provide additional protection from weather-related damage.


You Park Your Vehicle In Full Sunlight

Intense heat from the midday sun can do quite a number on your vehicle’s paint job—just ask anyone who lives in a scorching Southern state. When you continually park in full sunlight, UV radiation can cause your paint to fade, crack, or peel away, leaving it susceptible to further damage.


To keep your paint in top condition, try to park in shaded areas whenever possible. But don’t park under trees if you can avoid doing so! Tree debris is another common culprit behind minor dents and scratches, so try to locate a less hazardous source of shade.


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