Got a dirty vehicle? If so, you’re not doing yourself any favors in the vehicle maintenance department. Keeping your vehicle clean isn’t purely an aesthetics contest; it’s a critical component of proper vehicle maintenance. At Minnetonka Collision, our comprehensive detailing process goes a step above. We don’t just give your vehicle a quick wash and vacuum; we tend to every minute aspect of your vehicle's appearance from the paint and mirrors to the wheels, undercarriage, and of course, the interior. Curious about what makes our detailing process superior? We’ve outlined our process below.


Paint Touch Ups and Maintenance

What’s the point of detailing a vehicle if it has glaring exterior damage? When we say we’re detailed, we mean detailed. We won’t just wash and shine your vehicle and leave glaring paint damage unrepaired. Instead, we begin our process by cleaning your vehicle’s exterior and removing particles in the clear coat. Once we’ve removed any clear coat contaminants, we polish the paint to correct minor scratches throughout its surface. As a final step, we’ll seal the paint with wax for an extra layer of protection.


Exterior Trim and Lights

If your vehicle has developed a bit of oxidation on its headlights or taillights, we’ll apply a polishing compound and buff away any signs of wear. We’ll then seal all plastic surfaces to help maintain their integrity and protect them against future oxidation. Any chrome surfaces get a thorough cleaning and polishing, and all exterior rubber and vinyl receives a coat of protectant to help mitigate fading, dehydration, and cracking.


Wheel and Undercarriage Restoration

To thoroughly detail your wheels and undercarriage, we’ll restore the finish on your vehicle’s chassis and on all areas around its suspension, wheel wells, control arms, and anti-roll bars. We’ll also apply a protectant to your vehicle’s inner fender liners and plastic splash guards to help protect against dehydration and cracking. And of course, we’ll thoroughly wash your wheels, rims, and tires and coat them in protectant to improve their shine and prevent corrosion and dehydration.


Engine Bay

Your engine can accumulate an incredible amount of buildup with daily use, so we help you maintain it by cleaning the engine bay with an industrial-grade degreaser. First, we douse the engine area in the cleaning solution and allow it to begin breaking down the buildup. Next, we go in and scrub away any remaining grime and rinse the bay with warm water. After allowing the bay to dry completely, we’ll finish the process by applying a protectant to all silicone, rubber, and plastic surfaces to prevent dehydration and cracking.


Impeccable Interior Detailing

When we detail your vehicle, we leave no stone (or vent flap) unturned. We vacuum and clean your carpets, seating, and floor mats either by shampooing each surface or using a steam cleaner on tough buildup. We also clean all plastics, chrome, vinyl, carbon fiber, and other interior surfaces and apply a surface protectant to preserve the interior color and integrity.


If your vehicle’s interior contains leather, we’ll thoroughly clean each surface using leather soap and follow that with a thorough application of conditioner, so each surface appears as good as new. We’ll clean and shine the glass and mirrors within your vehicle and finish the process with a final vacuum to remove any remaining dust or dirt.


Minnetonka Collision: Your Car Detailing Experts

At Minnetonka Collision, we pride ourselves on our commitment to superior auto care. When you come to us for your comprehensive auto detailing, you can rest assured we’ll get the job done right. All of our technicians are highly trained and among the best in the field, and they take pride in delivering unmatched results. Whether you’re in need of advanced auto detailing or auto body repair, we’re the team to trust. To learn more about our specialties or to schedule your service appointment, give us a call at 763-230-7805, or reach out to us on our contact page.