If your specialty vehicle is involved in an accident, your mind may be swirling with questions. You want to get the vehicle repaired, but you also need to find a shop with experience making the right repairs to your unique car. Here are a few of the questions you may have about specialty vehicle repairs you may have after you are in an auto accident.

Does it Take Longer to Repair a Specialty Vehicle than a Regular Vehicle?

In many cases, it will take longer for a specialty vehicle to be repaired compared to a regular vehicle. This is because specialty car parts often have to be ordered and may be harder to get, whereas car parts for regular cars are often readily available. Of course, there are many factors that affect how long the process will take, including the amount of damage. As such, your results and wait time may vary. A repair shop can give you an estimate as to how long it will take to obtain parts and make the repairs.

Will My Specialty Vehicle Be Repaired the Way I Had it?

The goal of collision repair is to get your car back to pre-accident condition. However, when it comes to specialty vehicles, this may not always be the case. Your insurance will only cover factory parts on your car, unless you purchase additional coverage for any add-on or specialty parts. If you have purchased this additional coverage, your car will be repaired the way you had it. If you have not purchased this additional insurance coverage, your car may only be repaired to factory specifications. The repair shop has no control over what repairs and parts insurance does and does not authorize, so if you have any questions about what parts are included or excluded, you will want to talk to your insurance company.

What Do I Need to Look For in a Collision Repair Shop When My Specialty Car Has Been in an Accident?

You will want to look for a repair shop who has experience with specialty vehicle accident repair and who has a great reputation for being fair and honest in the community. Always ask a collision repair shop if they have experience repairing the type of car you have and ask them for references. Call these references and ensure they are happy with the repairs done to their specialty vehicle.

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