If your paintjob is scratched, or if you’ve been in an accident where your vehicle needs major body work, you need a high-quality paintjob to restore your car or truck’s aesthetic. The process of painting a car is a delicate one, requiring an experienced auto repair technician to match the color of your existing paintjob with the new coat. The matching process normally leverages technology to find the perfect match.

Online Color Matching

Technology is making the color matching process a much easier and more accurate process than ever before. There are service providers that offer color finder systems online, allowing auto technicians to pinpoint the right colors, based on the make and model of vehicles and manufacturers’ design specs. This online process is ideal for mobile devices and for technicians on the go, because they can match paints almost anywhere on the shop floor or in other locations where they’re servicing vehicles.

Color Detecting Cameras

Another high-tech solution in these situations are color-detecting cameras, which can basically take a snapshot of an existing color and compare it to a database of existing paints. The net result being a user-friendly process for technicians that allows them to maximize their efficiency and effectiveness on the shop floor. Cameras such as these have the power to match some of the most complex paintjobs and color tones on the market.

Testing & Environmental Control

Before auto paint is applied to a vehicle, techs normally perform a test to make sure they’ve identified the right variant of paint. This may involve spraying paint on a test card, or another similar surface. Environmental factors, such as humidity, temperature and air density, are closely controlled and monitored, so that the new paint is applied effectively. Without environmental controls, the new paint would not blend in with the original paintjob as cleanly, as is possible. Once the environment is secure, testing is complete and prep work is done, technicians can begin the process of applying the paint.

Given the delicate nature of applying paint to your vehicle and the color matching process, you need an experienced auto body repair shop to get the job done right. There is a bit of artist talent required to make your car or truck look and feel new. So, don’t settle for touch-up paint and DIY solutions.