There are a number of ways a car can flood. You may have driven through a puddle that you did not realize was so deep, left your window opened during a storm, or your car may have been damaged when streets in your area flooded. Regardless of how it happened, you may wonder what happens next. If your car floods, it is important to get your vehicle to an auto body repair shop as quickly as possible. This could be the difference between water setting in and causing substantial amounts of damage that cause your car to be totaled or the vehicle being able to be restored. Here are the steps an automotive repair shop will take to restore a flooded car.

Repairing the Damage to Your Car Parts

The very first thing a repair shop will do is determine what parts of your car were affected by the flood and repair them. Depending on how high the water was, you may have damage to your engine, fuel tank, transmission and brakes. If the damage is substantial and your vehicle has begun to rust, the car may be totaled. If not, the repair shop will drain each part, protect it from rust and get it back into working order.

Repairing the Body of the Car

Following a flood, your vehicle may begin to rust. Unfortunately, this can affect the strength of your vehicle's body if the rust is not dealt with. After the internal parts in your vehicle are repaired, an auto body repair shop will take the time to thoroughly inspect your vehicle for rust. If rust is spotted, they will remove the rust and treat the area, to prevent it from spreading further and affecting your car.

Restoring the Interior

The last step that will need to happen after your vehicle floods is restoring the interior. This involves removing any moisture still in the car and cleaning and sanitizing the carpet and seats. If you fail to do this, your car may always smell like mold or mildew and mold can develop in the future.

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