There are many reasons why the paint may need to be touched up on your car. You may have had one spot where paint was peeling, you may have had rust in one area, or you may have had to have a dent pulled, that ruined the paint. Regardless of why you need a paint touch up, it is important that the color of the touch up paint perfectly matches the color of your existing paint. If it does not, the area that was touched up will stand out like a sore thumb. If you have never had the paint touched up on your car, you may be wondering how color matching is done. Here are a few different ways that color matching is done when touching up a vehicle.

Using Manufacturer's Paint

One of the best ways to match the color on the car is to use the manufacturer's paint. If you have a Toyota, using the paint used by the Toyota manufacturer will ensure the color matches perfectly. Likewise, if you have a Honda, using the paint used by a Honda manufacturer ensures the paint matches. However, not every vehicle maker will release the manufacturer paint information or sell it to repair shops. As such, this is not always an option. If it is though, it is the preferable route.

Using Paint Matching Technology

If a repair shop cannot get their hands on the manufacturer's paint, the next best option these days is to use paint matching technology. When you are looking to paint your home, you can bring in a sample of the color you want and the home improvement store can use that sample to come up with the perfect color for you. The same is true with car paint. The repair shop can input a sample of the color and come up with a paint that perfectly matches what you have. Once they have that, they will paint the affected area and then use blending techniques to blend the new paint in with the old. This ensures the two paints match and blend in well together.

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