Fleet services although similar can vary a bit from maintenance and repair of your personal daily driver. The major difference is the sheer number of vehicles in a corporate fleet and the stresses they endure from multiple drivers and driving styles. It is commonly known for single driver cars to typically be in a better state of repair after the same amount of mileage and driving time. An auto body shop with proven experience working with fleet vehicles understands the differences and how the vehicles are an important part of not just your daily life but integral to the success of your business.

Body Work

Small dents and dings happen to all cars over the course of their lives. Some people don't care and will leave minor damage that doesn't affect the car's performance whereas others have to have the slightest damage repaired immediately. Fleet vehicles tend to fall somewhere in the middle of the two philosophies. Noticeable visible damage is typically repaired immediately but smaller amounts of damage which don't stick out may be ignored until the vehicle is going to the shop for other repairs or maintenance. It's important to consider the expectations of the employees who will be driving the cars when determining whether to fix a small dent now or wait until a more convenient time.

Paint Jobs

Paint jobs are similar to body damage. Fleet vehicles tend to get scrapes and scratches. Although it may not be reasonable to have a new paint job for every small scratch, it's important to remember the vehicle in many cases represents your company to potential clients and has to remain reasonably nice looking. Especially if your vehicles have company logos and graphics it's important for your body shop to have the experience needed to do a great job maintaining its appearance while working within your budget requirements.

Storm Damage

Certain weather types can ruin a car's outward appearance over night or over time. Hail storms and falling limbs can do actual damage to a vehicle which needs repair in order to maintain its appearance; leaving a car outdoors and especially while leaves fall in autumn can erode the paint and finish of a car. A specialty car repair technician has the experience working with fleet vehicles to know how the damage affects cars in your area and can recommend a maintenance schedule so you can plan ahead for when such repairs are going to be needed.