If you're like most people, you haven't had much use for an auto body repair shop over the years. As a safe driver you reduce the chances of being in an accident, but the odds say you'll eventually be involved in at least one at some point in your life. Of course, there are things outside of your control such as a parking lot tap or storm damage after which you'll need a professional to make repairs, but again, these aren't things that happen on a regular basis, and often insurance covers minor damage so you use the repair shop they recommend. When it comes time that you have to pick your own shop there are a few aspects of the mechanic service which distinguish a great professional from a a mechanic who might do a satisfactory job but is difficult to work with.

Concierge Service

When a mechanic offers concierge service it shows how much they want your business and they understand you have enough problems with a damaged car and don't need more to worry about. By offering 24/7 tow service you know you can get your car to the shop to begin repairs without having to find yet another service provider to tow it for you. Further, an in-house car rental company makes the process easier and pickup and drop off services for you and your car eliminates the need for having to wait until it is convenient for a friend or family member to give you a ride.

Community Standing and Reputation

Beyond the convenience of concierge service comes the repair shop's ability to do the job right, the first time. Such ability is often proven through their standing in the community and history of making great repairs efficiently and to the customer's satisfaction. When a mechanic receives recommendations and is known through multiple generations of clients for doing great work, you can assume they'll do great work on your car as well.

Start to Finish Process

Once you've decided on the mechanic to conduct the work on your car, you have an expectation of them completing the entire service. Starting with the initial tow and ending with a thorough detail cleaning, a great mechanic assures your car is ready according to your expectations to return to your daily driving routine according to the schedule they laid out upon being hired.