When your car is heavily damaged, you may have to decide if it’s worth repairing or if you want to replace it. If your damage is cosmetic, then you may be able to restore the vehicle. Yet even surface damage can be costly to repair if a good portion of the body needs to be replaced.


If you need your vehicle inspected to estimate the cost of repairing vs. replacing your car, bring it to Minnetonka Collision. We can give you estimates, as well as make recommendations. We also work with auto insurance companies.


When Should You Repair Your Vehicle?


The quick answer is this: If the cost of restoring your car’s body is less than replacing the vehicle, you may want to consider dent removal, a paint job, or replacing the outside panels.

Part of your decision, however, will depend on the overall value of the car (see below).


Some examples of auto body repairs that are cheaper than a full car replacement may include:


●        Your car was damaged by a hailstorm.

●        A small section of your car was damaged in a collision.

●        Someone vandalized your vehicle using a sharp object or spray paint.


When Should You Replace Your Vehicle?


The quick answer is this: If the cost of restoring your vehicle exceeds the cost of replacing it, you should consider purchasing a new car. Again, part of your decision will depend on the value of the car when it was damaged.


Some examples of auto body repairs that are more expensive than replacing the vehicle may include:


●        Multiple sections of the body were heavily damaged in a collision.

●        A tree branch fell on the vehicle and smashed the body across the top.

●        A flood damaged the car and rusted out most of the paint job.


Your Auto Insurance Company’s Role


When your car is damaged, your insurance company will have the final say in whether or not the vehicle is worth repairing or if it needs to be totaled. Your insurance company will compare the total cost of repairing the car against its current value. How much you owe on the vehicle will also be a determining factor.


If the insurance company decides that the cost of repairing the vehicle is too much, they will total the car. You may be responsible for paying the remainder of the debt after the insurance pays your lender the car’s current value after the wreck. You may also be responsible for purchasing a new vehicle.


What is Included in Auto Care Services?


If you decide to repair your vehicle, a Minnetonka Collision specialist will assess the cost of the repairs and go over them with you. Repairs may include:


●        Replacing panels, fenders, or other primary components on the body

●        Removing dents, scratches, and dings along the body

●        Sanding the down the vehicle, priming it, and repainting or color-matching it

●        Replacing any missing parts


We can fully restore your vehicle back to looking new. To find out more about our auto body services, call Minnetonka Collision today at 763-230-7805, or you can message us on our contact page. We are Minneapolis’ premier auto body service center.