Auto detailing is a highly involved procedure that includes several different steps in the process. A certified professional must pay attention to every minute detail of your car to fully restore your vehicle back to looking like new.


Minnetonka Collision offers comprehensive auto detailing for car and truck owners in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We can restore your vehicle so that it looks as nice as it performs. To schedule an auto detail or find out more about what our service includes, contact us today.

Paint Care

We begin the job by cleaning, correcting, and painting the vehicle surface. We properly wash and drying the car to remove any dirt and grime. We then remove contaminants in the clear coat such as industrial fallout, metal particles, dirt, and tar. Once we remove the contaminants, we polish the paint to remove swirl marks or fine scratches before we seal it with wax. Waxing the vehicle protects the paint and gives the finish a bright shine.

Chassis and Wheels

We can restore the finish on your chassis and your wheels. We work on the undercarriage, as well as the rest of the exterior. We cover all areas under the care and inside the wheel wells around the suspension. This also includes the anti-roll bars and control arms.


The plastic splash guards and inner fender liners are dressed with a plastic protector. The wheels and tires are washed thoroughly before being dressed in a protectant that improves their luster and eliminates corrosion and cracking.

Headlights, Taillights and Exterior Trim

We apply a polishing compound to the headlights and taillights to remove the oxidation. We then seal them with a plastic sealant to reduce oxidation in the future. The chrome trim is then cleaned, and the vinyl or plastic trim is dressed with a protectant to resist cracking or fading. In addition to plastics and rubbers, we also clean the chrome and polished exhaust tips.

Interior Detailing

Interior detailing should include cleaning all carpeting and seating surfaces. We can either shampoo or steam clean the surface. All plastics and vinyl are properly cleaned and dressed. The leather is also conditioned and cleaned. Our cleaning service also cleans the trunk in addition to the seating area in the cabin. Your entire interior will be cleaned from front to back.

Engine Bay

We can clean the engine area in your case in addition to the standard detailing. We can scrub the engine using a high-grade degreaser. Once we cover the entire engine bay, we rinse it off with water. Once properly dried, all silicone, plastic and rubber components are properly dressed to protect them from cracking.

Detailing Services in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Once we complete the detail you can inspect the car to make sure that it is cleaned according to your standards. If you have any special detailing requests you can ask us before we start the job. We’ll be happy to accommodate your preferences if possible.


Our goal is to both clean and protect your car and all the components inside and out. This is why the job often requires a two to three step process that makes your car look great inside and outside for a long time.


To find out more about our detailing service includes or to schedule a detailing for your car, call a Minnetonka Collision technician at 763-230-7805, or you can message us on our contact page. We offer complete detailing for all types of vehicles in the Minneapolis area.