Most used cars come with a few dings, scratched paint or some other blemish. You can fully restore your car’s body, however, with a simple paint job or touch up.


Minnetonka Collision can help you beautify your recent used car purchase. When you bring your vehicle into our service center, we can inspect the paint job and make necessary improvements. Contact us today for a quote.


Should You Paint a Used Car?


It depends on the condition of your used car and how much you value it. Here are three possible scenarios:


1.      You purchased 2001 Porsche and wanted to restore it back to its original condition. You want a full restoration inside and out. A paint job is a good idea.


2.      You paid cash for a 2010 Honda Pilot with only 50,000 miles on it. You can count on driving the Pilot for another five to ten years. A paint job may be a good idea.


3.      If you paid $1,000 for a 2007 Ford Focus that had $180,000 miles on it. It’s a starter car for a teenager or something you just need to get to work in. A paint job is probably not a good idea.


Regardless, if you want a new coat of paint on your car, we can restore the body exactly the way you want it.


Should Change the Color of the Car?


Many of our clients bring their cars in to change the color of the exterior. They want a whole new look that suits their lifestyle and personal taste. Minnetonka Collision technicians can transform any car to match the color you have in mind.


Before you move forward with a total makeover, there are four items you want to consider:


1.      You’ll need a bigger budget. Matching an automobile’s current color is a relatively affordable job. Changing the color or style altogether, however, can be more expensive. Before you decide to change the color of your car, make sure you have the budget.


2.      We’ll remove everything. For us to do a professional job on the car, we will have to remove all components. If you have any customized auto parts on the car, we may need to remove them so that we can paint every inch of the vehicle.


3.      Prep work will take longer. We’ll need to remove the current clear coat and paint. We’ll also need to fix all dents and other imperfections in the car. We may also need to some sanding as well as other prep work before we can apply the primer and new paint.


4.      Give us some time. All great auto body work takes a little time to achieve. You may want to plan on leaving your car with us for a week or slightly longer. This will give us time to do the job right the first time with no time constraints.


Complete Auto Body Service in Plymouth, Minnesota


If you are looking for auto body repair, dent removal, or hail dent repair in Plymouth or Minneapolis, Minnesota, call Minnetonka Collision Center today. We offer complete paint jobs on new and used cars.


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