Many automotive services and repair shops are offering to detail both the interior and exterior of your car as part of their concierge service programs. While many people are familiar with detailing the interior of a car, they are not so familiar with detailing the exterior. If you are one of these people, you may wonder what parts are shined up or cleaned when the exterior is done. Here are a few of the steps involved in detailing the exterior of an automobile.

Paint Care

When the exterior of the car is being detailed, the car is washed and dried. After that, the paint gets some love and attention. This often involves waxing the paint by hand and buffing out any small scratches. However, it may also involve touching up small paint chips or scratching or applying a new clear coat to the car.

Headlights and Tailliights

Your plastic headlights and taillights are also cleaned up as part of the exterior car detailing process. A polishing compound is often used to clean up the plastic. The compound removes any discoloration as well as any minor scratches and imperfections. Once these items are cleaned, a sealing product is used to keep them looking great for months to come.

Exterior Trim

New life is given to your tired and faded trim thanks to exterior car detailing. Most exterior trim is made from rubber or plastic. These items fade as they are out in the sun. Cleaning them by hand and then using a protectant can help restore some of their color while also protecting them from additional fading in the future. If your exterior trim is not made from rubber or plastic, it is likely made from chrome. Chrome trim is should be cleaned with a chrome polish to ensure it looks shiny and pops against the paint on your car.

Rims and Wheels

The last step to detailing the exterior of the car involves cleaning the rims and the wheels. The process for cleaning your rims varies based on the material they are made from. The wheels and rims are often pressure washed to remove excess build up. The rims are then cleaned with the appropriate type of metal polish. A rubber or tire cleaner is used for the wheels. A protector or sealer may be used on one or both of these parts to help them look slick and shiny even after you drive your car home.

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