Fender bender accidents are more likely to happen than high speed accidents as a matter of course when driving. A fender bender is a nuisance, as there is never a good time to take your car to the garage. You use the car every day and need it, but you also want to keep it nice and have repairs taken care of in a timely manner. A great mechanic can make the process a little easier because they understand how important your car is to you and what issues may come up. An outstanding mechanic service can typically loan you a car or give you a ride as needed so your life doesn't have to go on hold while your car is in the shop.

Parking Lot Mishaps

The most common fender benders are the parking lot mishaps. Somebody pulls out of a parking space without seeing an oncoming car who didn't realize the first car was pulling out. Another situation is someone trying to park in too small of a space and taps a car next to them. Even worse is when you come out the store to find a dent in your car which you have no idea how it got there and nobody is around to take responsibility for the damage. Regardless of how it happened, you take too nice of care for your car which is often one of the most expensive purchases people make and you can't leave the damage indefinitely but need the repairs made quickly.

Fender Repair

Fender repair can be tricky because of the modern materials used for a car body. Depending on the make and model of car, the fender can be fiberglass, aluminum, steel, or an alloy. According to the material, type of damage, and the extent of the damage, the fender might can be repaired and rebuilt or it might have to be replaced with a new one. Either way, it has to be painted to match the rest of the car. Although an experienced body repair shop can look up the exact recipe for matching paint, it is more complicated than that. The paint on your car has faded from sunlight and weather over time, so what was once an exact paint match is not going to look right next to the aged paint. A great repair person will understand such a concept and use their experience to compensate for it so your car looks great when it comes out of the shop.