When choosing an auto body repair shop, your first tendency may be to look at price. If yours is a specialty vehicle, you'll want to consider whether the facility performs specialty vehicle repair. You'll certainly want an auto body repair facility that offers expert color matching. But one thing that may not be high on your list is the concierge services it provides. Concierge services at an auto body shop? You'll find them at Minnetonka Collision Service in Plymouth, MN.

Getting involved in an auto accident is just the beginning of a series of inconveniences. At Minnetonka Collision Service, we want to minimize these inconveniences so we offer a range of services that add value.

24/7 Towing Service

The first issue you may have to address if you car has sustained significant damage, is how it will get to the repair shop. At Minnetonka Collision Center, our 24/7 towing service is designed for you, our customer. That means, you're not behind some long line of stranded motorists who have run out of gas, have a flat tire or some other mechanical issue. Your wait time, costs, and inconvenience will be minimized when you call 763.230.7805.

Rental Car Service

You'll next have to address the fact that your car will be out of commission while it gets repaired. If it is a simple dent repair, or bumper repair or even a small fender repair, it's likely it can get done relatively quickly. For more severe collisions, it could take significantly longer. Our convenient on-site car rental service makes it easy to move on with life, without missing a beat.

Courtesy Car Service

If you decide you don't need a rental car, you'll still need to get home. You'll also need a ride to pick-up your car once repairs are completed. Our courtesy car service can help you get there and back easily and conveniently, and without bothering friends or family.


Our detailing experts are here to have your car looking as good as possible when it is ready. Inside and out your car will sparkle. You can even use our detailing service when you are not getting an auto body repair!

Choose Minnetonka Collision Center

When you choose Minnetonka Collision Center, you are choosing an auto body repair shop with a higher level of customer focus. It shows in our work, our guarantees, talented team of experienced technicians and in the value-added concierge services we make available. These services lessen your stress and maximize your time. When you experience an auto accident in the Plymouth, MN area, think Minnetonka Collision Center.