At Minnetonka Collision Center, we are dedicated to providing you with superior auto service from ASE certified technicians. Each of our mechanics has gone through extensive training a certification so that they can give exceptional work on every vehicle that comes to our service center.  If you don’t know what ASE-certified means or why it’s essential, we provide a brief description below.

What is an ASE Certification?

The National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence provides testing and certification for all mechanics seeking professional credibility. The certification program was started in 1972 and has since become the highest standard of excellence in the automotive repair and maintenance industry. Automotive professionals who earn this certification are considered leading experts in their respective fields. Mechanics who earn the ASE seal demonstrate dedication and a willingness to learn all there is to know about auto body repair. Automotive owners should look for the ASE seal in the shop and inquire as to which mechanics have earned the seal.

How Does ASE Certification Work?

An ASE certified mechanic is qualified to work at the most reputable auto service facilities anywhere in Minneapolis. How does it work?

●        Applicants must have at least two years of automotive work experience.

●        Applicants must pass at least one specialty exam. Tests are offered twice a year.

●        Mechanics must renew their certification every five years.

Master Certification

The highest level of certification is Master Certification. An automotive professional who has taken and passed all ASE tests on a wide range of fields is eligible to take the Master Certification test. Mechanics who are Master Certified can provide the highest quality work and service to your vehicle when you bring it into our service center. They have the knowledge and skill necessary to work on trucks, school buses, transit buses, various engines of all types, dent repair, and heavy commercial equipment repair.

Why Does ASE Certification Matter?

When you bring your car to Minnetonka Collision Center to get repaired, you have the right to know that it is being serviced by trained professionals who have the right certification. Each of our ASE certified mechanics can provide you the assurance that we know how to repair your vehicle regardless of what you drive. Although many auto repair centers are happy to have at least one mechanic on site, we employ multiple technicians that carry the ASE seal.

Get Your Car Repaired at Minnetonka Collision Center

If you have recently been in a car accident, you can bring it to Minnetonka Collision Center. Our certified mechanics specialize in auto body repair, paintless dent repair, and dent removal. We offer affordable rates, quality work, and fast, friendly service. To get a free quote, come by our service center. You can also contact us at 763-230-7805, or you can message us on our contact page. We provide complete service for both personal and commercial vehicles in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.