As the weather continues to grow more unpredictable, heavy storms continue to be a common occurrence. Storms can bring damaging winds, hail, and torrential downpours. While you should always try to have your vehicle inside during a storm, we understand this is not always possible. Below, let's examine some possible ways your car can become damaged during a storm.

Hail Damage

With a thunderstorm also sometimes comes dangerous hail. Depending on the size of the hail, your car can sustain some serious damage. Hail has the ability to dent the exterior of your car, break taillights and headlights, and even damage the car's mirrors and glass. Unlike an accident, though, hail damage can impact your entire car with hundreds of tiny dents, presenting a special type of problem for an auto body repair shop to fix. A professional auto body repair shop that is experienced in storm damage is able to assess the hail damage and work to get your car looking like new again.

High Winds

Storms can bring high winds, which can be catastrophic to anything outside. High winds can damage trees and structures, causing debris to fly around. This debris can easily collide with your car causing dents and scratches to the exterior. Branches and trees can topple down on top of your car and cause massive structural damage. Pieces from buildings and unsecured items outside can become battering rams for the panels of your car. Only after high winds have subsided should you return to your car to begin to assess the damage.


Water can have catastrophically damaging properties. Not only can flood water become destructive, but water left to sit can become dangerously toxic. Cars can become flooded if left outdoors in rising flood waters. Additionally, rainwater can breach sealed windows and sunroofs. Left to sit on the soft carpeting and fabric of your seats, water has the potential to create mold and mildew problems. Water can also seep into the complicated electrical system of the car and causing problems within the electrical system. If you suspect water damage in your car, an auto body repair company specializing in storm damage repair will be able to help.


The team at Minnetonka Collision understands that weather in Minnesota can be unpredictable. Between the harsh winters and surprise summer storms, damage to your car is sometimes unavoidable. If you have experienced damage to your car as a result of high winds or hail, we are here to help. Our team is knowledgeable, dedicated, and passionate about providing the ultimate in customer service. To learn more about how we can help, contact us today.