Wind, rain, and wild weather threaten your vehicle's finish every day. In extreme cases, violent weather can even break windows and mirrors and cause ugly dents on your exterior. Use these tips to reduce the effects of unstable weather patterns on your vehicle's exterior.


Your vehicle is more likely to sustain weather damage while you're on-the-go. Use these tips when you're in transit to lower your chances of auto body damages.

●        Keep an eye on the weather report during long-distance trips. Find an enclosed parking area to wait out hail storms and other violent events. If you can't find a covered parking spot, keep a car cover or several thick blankets in your vehicle to cushion it from airborne rocks and particles.

●        Get your car waxed before leaving on your trip. Car wax creates an extra layer between your paint job and the sun, wind, and rain. It also repels rainwater, which can contribute to corrosion that dulls your car's shine.

●        Beware of flooded areas. It can be difficult to judge the depth of the water on roadways and in parking lots. This can lead to serious damage to your car's fender and bumper. Avoid unfamiliar areas with high water to ensure your car stays in one piece.

●        Keep a copy of your car insurance information handy in case an accident occurs. If damage occurs that requires immediate attention, you'll be better prepared to deal with auto repair shops with all of your paperwork in order.

Regular Maintenance

Incorporate these tips into your regular car maintenance routine to keep your car pristine on a daily basis.

●        Wash the exterior of your car at least once a week. This removes particles of dust and trapped grime that can erode your paint job or cause micro-damage that compromises the integrity of your auto glass. Add a coat of wax to your vehicle after every wash.

●        Keep your car in a covered space as often as possible. You may consider investing in a fabric car cover to reduce environmental damage while your vehicle is parked in open spaces.

●        Don't neglect your wash routine in the winter. Accumulated snow, ice, and salt is a primary cause of corrosive damage to the exterior and undercarriage of your car.

●        Get exterior damage treated right away. Find an auto repair shop that offers comprehensive services like dent removal, color matching, and storm damage repair.

These tips will help you keep your vehicle looking brand new, regardless of what happens in the skies above you. If your vehicle is in need of immediate repair, contact our team today for a free estimate.