A storm can cause a lot of damage to your vehicle. Hail can leave dings and dents in the car, high water levels can damage water underneath the carriage of the car, and debris flying around in high winds can chip, crack or break your windows...the list goes on. If your car has been through a storm and you suspect there may be damage or you can see the damage, you may be wondering what steps a collision center, such as Minnetonka Collision in Plymouth, MN, takes to ensure all of the damage is spotted and repaired. Here are the steps that are followed when checking for and repairing car storm damage:

Full Body Inspection

The first thing a technician will do is inspect the exterior of your automobile. This will allow them to assess whether there was any storm damage based on the dings, dents, scratches and overall condition of the car. If they suspect the damage that is present on the exterior is more than superficial, they may pull panels or the bumper or fender to look at the foam inside the car for any other body damage.

Looking Under the Car

If your car was parked in an area where flood waters reached the undercarriage of the car, a storm damage specialist will look under the carriage or bottom of your car for signs of damage. There may be hoses, belts, or filters that have become submerged and need to be replaced. A technician will also likely fully clean the area to ensure rust does not build up in this area and cause significant damage to your car or the parts that are contained in this area.

Repairing the Damage

Lastly, a collision specialist will repair the damage. The types of repairs that are needed vary based on the damage done. If debris hit and damaged your windshield or windows, auto glass repair or replacement may be needed. If there are small dings due to hail, a compound may be used to smooth out the affected area and then your car will need to be painted. If a large ding or dent is present, the dent may need to be pulled out. Any damage done to the undercarriage area will need to be fixed.

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