Hail can be damaging to the body of your vehicle. The amount of damage that is caused depends on the size of the hail and how fast it fell onto your car. If your car has dents or dings in it from hail, you will likely want your car repaired. Hail damage can affect the appearance of your car and the value. There are three techniques that are typically used to repair hail damage, depending on the severity of the damage. Here are the three techniques that we use at Minnetonka Collision.

Suctioning Out the Dents

If there are only a couple of dents present, a repair, we may decide to suction out the dents. A tool is used that works similarly to a plunger. The cup is attached to the side of your car, and when pulled outward, the air and force help to pull the dent out. However, not all dents can be suctioned. If there are several dents or if the dents are deep, suctioning may not work. The advantage to suctioning is that it is fast, easy and does not require a panel to be removed or painted.

Pounding Out the Dents

If you have a large dent that is not removed through suctioning techniques, our technicians may decide to pound out the dent. For a dent to be pounded out, the panel must be removed. Our technicians then use a rubber mallet to pound the dent out from the backside. This should only be done by a professional, as too much pounding can cause a bubble on the opposite side or damage to the panel.

Smoothing Out the Dents

The last technique that is used to remove hail damage is smoothing out the dents. This is used when there are stubborn dents that won't budge with other techniques or many small dings caused by hail. A smoothing compound is applied to the area and allowed to dry. Once dried, the compound is sanded down, so it is smooth and even with the rest of the body of the car. The area then needs to be painted to match the rest of the car. This is the most time-consuming technique, but it helps to remove dents efficiently.

If your car was damaged by hail, you need a professional to remove the dents and fix your car. When you are in this position, you can trust Minnetonka Collision, located in Plymouth, MN. We are a collision and automotive repair shop. We offer a variety of services including auto body repair, color matching services, fleet services, collision insurance repair, specialty vehicle repair, storm damage repair, dent removal, and hail damage repair. Call us today at 763-230-7805 to discuss your needs with us or to schedule an appointment to bring your car in for an estimate or repairs.