The term ‘fender-bender’ is a loose term referring to a minor accident that happens to the front or rear of your car. Hard, metal fenders are located on each end of your vehicle to minimize impact when your vehicle collides with another car. Therefore, if the impact is minimal, we should only have to repair the fender and other immediate areas when you bring your car to our service center. The damage on the car should not keep the car from being operational in most situations. However, we do suggest that you call us to tow your car to the shop to prevent any further damage from happening. Our towing service is available 24/7.


What Should You Do Immediately After a Fender Bender?

Fender benders should be taken as seriously as significant collisions. You should follow the same steps as you would in any other situations. We recommend the following when an accident occurs:


●        Make sure everyone involved is ok. Call 911 immediately if there are any injuries.

●        Exchange all relevant information with the other driver, especially insurance information.

●        Take photos of the damage. Notate any important information.

●        Call the insurance company and the police.

●        Contact Minnetonka Collision to tow your car to get it off the road.


Should You Call Your Insurance Company

Although most motorists call their insurance companies to make a claim, you are not required to. Keep in mind; several factors should be considered. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before making the call.


●        Does your insurance company require you to make claims on collisions? Check your insurance company’s policy.

●        Can you pay for the auto body repair yourself? If so, it may be better than making a claim. Auto repair claims can cause your insurance rates to increase.

●        What are the requirements in the state of Minnesota for making insurance claims?

●        Will the repairs cost more than an insurance rate in the long run?


The Fender Repairs Process

Once you bring your vehicle to our service center, we will conduct a thorough inspection to determine the amount of damage. If the damage is minimal, we may be able to work out the dents in the fender and restore it with a simple paint job. If the fender is severely damaged, however, your car will have to undergo a complete fender replacement. Our goal is to make your car safe to drive on the road. That objective will govern our decision.


Minnetonka Collision Can Repair Your Car’s Fender

The next time you are in a collision, contact Minnetonka Collision to repair your fender and other parts of your car. Our ASE certified technicians can completely restore your car and have it looking like new once again. We provide service for both personal and commercial vehicles and Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. To schedule a tow or auto body repair service, call us at 763-230-7805, or you can message us on our contact page.