If you love your car and want to get as much mileage as you can out of it, then maintaining a new appearance is just as important as fixing what is under the hood. Minnetonka Collision can revitalize your car’s new shine and give it a fresh paint job as you take it into the next 100,000 miles.


Bring your vehicle to our auto body shop, and we can detail it from front to back. Your car may have a few miles on it, but we can keep it looking beautiful throughout its life with our comprehensive auto body repair service.

Dent Removal

As your car gets older, there may be a few dents along the auto body surface. We can smooth out dents on your vehicle by pulling them out. In most cases, we can correct dents without affecting the paint on the car. A dent fix is fast and easy to pull out and can make your car look brand-new. We offer a proven method for dent removal without scratching the paint or damaging the body.

Scratches Removal

Scratches, chips, and other imperfections are unavoidable. A thorough paint repair job, however, can make the imperfections practically invisible. If your car has over 100,000 miles on it, there may be a few scratches along across the surface. Minnetonka Collision can handle all types of scratches including surface level harm and scratches that have gone through the painted surface.


Our Scratch Removal services utilize specialized equipment and effective paint blending to attack the problem and restore your car's surface to its original factory look. Whether it's damage from a car wash scrubber or a scratch on your door, fender or even bumper, we can smooth out the surface.




New Paint Application

Our technicians work on a flawlessly clean surface, removing all dirt, grease, and other materials that get in the way of a glossy finish. We then prep your vehicle for primer. After we apply and cure the primer, we sand down the car and start painting.


To ensure that we can match the original color, we mix the base coat and spray the vehicle with the exact match. If we need to paint the entire car, then we will match the original factory color and shade. If your car only requires a touch-up, we can match the color it is now if the finish has slightly faded.


Whether it’s a tiny scrape or a large cut and dent, Minnetonka Collision has the tools and latest paint-matching technology and software to make sure your paint is a seamless match.

Minnetonka Collision is Ready to Upgrade Your Car

Minnetonka Collision provides a wide range of repair and custom auto body services for drivers in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota area. You can count on us for affordable rates, dependable services, and quality work that bring you 100% satisfaction.


To find out more about the auto body services we offer or to schedule service, call us at 763-230-7805. You can also message us on our contact page.