No one likes to get in a car accident. When you run into someone or someone runs into you, chances are your car sustained damage to the bumper. While the damage might seem minor, there could be more going on that you can’t see. Minnetonka Collision Center can repair your car’s bumper ASAP to continue safe operation of your vehicle.


Bumpers Keep You Safe

There is a reason why car manufacturers named bumpers. They are there for protection when you bump into things. Behind each bumper, there are brackets and shocks that absorb the force of impacts. The process of impact absorption and design of bumpers reduces the severity of injuries when you get in an accident.


Even a small dent can compress your bumper, causing it to malfunction. Our auto body shop experts can assess your car’s bumper to find the damage that might not be apparent to the naked eye. Keeping your bumpers in good repair keeps you safer on the road.


Repair Your Bumper to Protect Your Car

Small cracks and dents in your bumper can leave your car open to further damage from the elements. Your bumper is a protective cover for the inner mechanical workings of your vehicle. Our collision repair experts can evaluate your bumper damage and suggest needed repairs. Prevent further damage by repairing your car’s bumper as soon as possible.


Quick Repairs Help Resale Values

Once there is damage to your vehicle, it affects your car’s value. By not repairing the damage quickly, more damage may occur, and waiting to get that bumper repaired may increase the cost of repair. By getting your car into the shop as soon as possible to repair your bumper, our auto collision repair experts can fix your bumper right the first time. A repair done correctly saves your car’s value at resale time.


Collision Coverage Makes Bumper Repair Cost Effective

If you have collision coverage on your insurance policy, your insurance should cover bumper repair under that insurance policy. This coverage will allow you to get that bumper repair done ASAP without costing you lots of money. Our auto body shop experts can work with your insurance company to file your claim. We will do your repair quickly and we can get you back out on the road with a new, safe bumper!


Need Your Car’s Bumper Repaired in Minnesota?

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