Having a dent removed from your vehicle can be like reconstructive surgery. You need an auto body shop that is experienced in auto body repair and dent removal. Pulling out dents from a flat surface is easy. However, there are many angles and slopes where only an experienced and skilled technician knows what to do. We have seen dents on all types of vehicles and repair them to make. Minnetonka Collision Center makes any type of dent disappear like it was never there.


Where Did That Dent Come From?

Have you ever walked up to your car and noticed a series of small scratches or dents that you never saw before? You are the only one who drives your car, yet you have never seen these dents before. Where did they come from? You can’t imagine what caused this damage to your vehicle. Car dents can happen any number of ways such as through accidents, shopping carts, parking lots, etc. Understanding the common cause of dents can help to keep your car in good condition.  


The Dreadful Parking Lot

Parking lots are the more common areas for cars to get dents. You go to the grocery store and when you return to your car, there’s a dent on the side or the back of your car. Most of the time it’s a runaway shopping cart that made the dent your the bumper of your car. It can also be a hit-and-run accident. Even though it’s required by law to leave your contact and insurance information, many people skip that step. Another common way for dents to suddenly appear are from opening a car door in a crowded parking lot.


Animals In The Country

If you live in a rural part of Minnesota, animals can pose a threat to your car even more than other drivers. Wildlife travel through rural areas surprising drivers on the road . When animals are startled they attempt to escape. As they are trying to escape they often collide with vehicles driving through the area. This causes both small dents significant damage to your vehicle.


Complete Dent Removal

When your vehicle gets a dent, never attempt to pull out the dent yourself. Go to a certified auto body shop that specializes in auto body repair and dent removal. The trained and certified technicians at Minnetonka Collisions are experienced at removing dents.


We have removed all types of dents from hail damage to major accidents. We will restore your vehicle back to its original beauty. To find out more about our products and services, visit our Plymouth, Minnesota location. You can also call us at 763-230-7805, or you can message us on our contact page.