A car is a big investment. You want to take care of that investment by keeping it looking its best. Your schedule probably keeps you too busy to detail your car, so it might be time to look for a professional to clean and detail your car. Minnetonka Collision Center is here to you tips on what to look for when you are choosing an auto detail company.


Not All Detailers Are Alike

Anyone with a few rags and a vacuum can detail a car, right? With an investment like your vehicle, do you really want to trust just any old guy that says he can detail your car?  Here are some things to look for in an auto detailing company:


●        Accreditations and Licenses. Is the business actually a business? You want to trust your vehicle with a company that takes the time to get an occupational license and get all their business paperwork in order. The Better Business Bureau will give accreditations to businesses that affirm to their standards.

●        Certifications. Gone are the days when it is permissible to just wash your car in a parking lot. A good detailing company will be environmentally aware and have certifications on how they handle their wastewater runoff and what chemicals they use on your car. There is a whole industry built around detailing. Continuing education and training is important. Make sure the company you choose to detail your car participates in industry certifications.

●        Recommendations and Reviews. Today’s technologically savvy consumer will leave a review quickly for a bad experience. What do the reviews say about the detailer you want to use? Do your homework and use Google, Yelp, or social media to check out your next detailing company.

●        Business Experience. When the weather warms up, the “fly-by-night” detailers multiply. What kind of experience does the detailing company you choose have? A groupon “deal” might not be such a great deal if they damage your vehicle. Choose auto detailing companies that have years of experience to get the detailing of your vehicle.

●        Insurance. Accidents happen, even with experienced detailing companies. Does your auto detailing company have insurance? Before handing your keys over, make sure they are fully insured.

●        Professional Appearance. A company that cares about its customers will require their staff to have a uniform, professional appearance. Do you really want someone who is dirty and smelly crawling around in your car, attempting to clean it? A business owner who keeps their business clean can definitely get your car clean too.


Need Auto Detailing in Plymouth?

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