Whether your vehicle is on the road, situated in a parking lot, or parked in front of your own house, there are potential dangers lurking everywhere that can damage it. And one of the best ways to protect your vehicle against auto body damage is to be aware of what those potential hazards are. Below, the team at Minnetonka Collision has outlined four of the most common causes of body damage, so you can take steps to safeguard your vehicle.


Inclement Weather

When you live in Minnesota, your vehicle is subject to a wide range of weather conditions if you’re forced to park outdoors. From harsh, freezing weather and salty streets during winter to scorching sun and summer thunderstorms, Mother Nature can do quite a bit of damage to your vehicle.


The most common type of weather-related auto body damage is hail damage, and if left unrepaired, dents caused by hail can quickly develop rust. Since rust will inevitably eat away at the exterior structure of your vehicle, it’s important to schedule hail damage repairs as soon as you realize hail has left dents your vehicle. More importantly, if you know the forecast calls for hail and you hope to avoid auto body repairs, park your vehicle beneath a covered area.


Careless Acts of Other People

Though the majority of auto body damage results from driver negligence, many instances of minor damage are due to pure carelessness, both on the road and off it. What kind of careless acts are we referring to? They include:


●        Runaway shopping carts in parking lots

●        Drivers carelessly opening parked vehicle doors

●        Drivers failing to pay attention while reversing out of parking spaces

●        Kids playing ball in the street


While the above list is far from comprehensive, it’s relatively easy to avoid the majority of auto body damage instances that occur due to careless acts. Simply park at a distance from other vehicles in public parking spaces and if you can, park in covered, protected areas to avoid flying or falling objects.


High-Speed Collisions

High-speed collisions are the number one cause of extensive auto body damage, and in many instances, that damage is irreparable. Generally, these types of collisions result in severe body and frame damage, and in most cases, insurance companies will deem the involved vehicles totaled. Because restoring a severely damaged car or truck typically costs more than the vehicle is actually worth, the insurance provider will issue the driver a check for the vehicle’s remaining value. To lessen your risk of involvement in a high-speed collision, ensure you give your full attention to the road while driving and remain at least three seconds behind the vehicle in front of you.


Fender Benders

Fender benders take the cake as the most common cause of auto body damage nationwide, and fortunately, the damage caused by these types of minor accidents is typically reparable. However, even at low speeds, it’s possible to incur frame damage during a fender bender.


Even if dents in your vehicle don’t bother you, it’s important to visit an auto body repair shop for a vehicle inspection after a fender bender. Doing so will allow the professionals to rule out more serious internal damage that may compromise the functionality of your vehicle.


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