To say auto body repair shops get a bad rap is an understatement. Unfortunately, far too many shops are more than willing to cheat you out of your hard-earned cash—if you don’t know what to watch for, that is. At Minnetonka Collision, we pride ourselves on our commitment to honest, transparent, high-quality auto body repair, and superior customer service. But not every shop takes pride in their work the way we do. If you’re on the hunt for a shop you can trust to handle your high-end vehicle, here are three non-negotiable traits to look for: 


Make Sure You Get a Warranty

If an auto body repair shop warranties their services, that’s a solid indication they stand behind their work. Ideally, the warranty should span the duration of your vehicle ownership, whether you pay out of pocket or your insurance company covers the repairs.


When you’re scoping out shops, be sure you enquire about the duration and scope of the warranty and ask whether different warranties apply to different services. You might get a limited lifetime warranty on parts, but how long does that shop guarantee their paint jobs? The last thing you need is subpar workmanship that deteriorates unexpectedly, leaving you to pay out of pocket for further repairs. 


Positive Word of Mouth

In a day and age when anyone can post a review online in a matter of minutes, it’s astonishing that shady shops are still doing business. Positive word of mouth is perhaps the best indication of a shop’s dedication to their quality of service, so if you find one with stellar reviews, it’s probably a safe bet.


At Minnetonka Collision, we treat our clients—and their vehicles—like gold because we know taking superior care of our customers is the right thing to do. Check out our reviews to see for yourself! 


Transparent Pricing

If you receive a quote for your auto body repair, that price shouldn’t change once the job is complete. When you’re shopping around for estimates, make sure you ask each shop if the price they quote is subject to change. Unfortunately, there are many shops out there that will quote you an initial price, but when you receive the final bill, it ends up being much higher than expected. No one loves an surprise upcharge, so make sure you always verify pricing before you commit.


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