There is a certain allure to buying a new car. Whether it is that new-car smell or the look on your neighbor’s face when you pull into the driveway, buying a new car can bring about a variety of emotion. Not the least of which is remorse.

Buyer’s remorse hits many new-car buyers right about the time the first month’s auto payment is due. Coincidence? Probably not.

So how can you get that new-car feel without the budgetary burden of buying a new car? Just as our bodied need a little “work” as we age to keep us looking good, so does your car. Consider spending a few bucks giving your current car a makeover, which can not only boost its resale value, but prolong its life.

The auto body experts at Minnetonka Collision & Glass want to make sure you love your automobile. For more information on our services, call us today at (763) 230-7805.

In the meantime, here are four easy ways to breathe new life into your aging car:

  1. A full detail: We love a clean ride and you will, too. Nothing screams new car more than a  full auto detailing, complete with interior shampoo and exterior wax. Having every inch of your car scrubbed, waxed and polished from top to bottom by expert detailers will have you old ride looking and feeling better than ever.
  2. Fix the dings and dents: Nothing can make a car look worse than a few unsightly scratches, dents and even missing pieces. You don’t need to buy a new car when a few minor repairs will foot the bill. Replacing weathered moldings, chrome accessories and other exterior parts will help restore the charm you once saw in your car.
  3. Try a fresh coat of paint: If fixing the scratches and dents wasn’t enough, maybe you’re ready for a new paint job. Whether you just want to revive the old color or you want something entirely new, paint is an affordable alternative that can make a world of difference. Color matching is of utmost importance when just touching up a few places here and there.
  4. A new windshield: After several years of daily commutes, there’s a good chance your windshield has a few chips or cracks. Making sure those minor annoyances are repaired right away is important for many reasons, including safety. Your windshield is an important safety feature on your car and even the smallest blemish can compromise that protection.

At Minnetonka Collision Center, our unmatched quality and attention to detail from start to finish will ensure your car looks as good as it did the day you drove it off the car lot. For more information on how to revive your daily driver, call us today at (763) 230-7805.