In Minnesota, we like to joke that there are only two seasons: winter, and road construction. And since it’s not quite winter, that means we’re deep in the middle of road construction season. While long lines of backed-up traffic can make your daily commute a tedious task, that’s not the only annoyance road construction season brings. Damage to your vehicle’s exterior can make a tedious drive even more frustrating. If you must drive through a construction zone, it’s important to modify your driving habits to protect your ride. Here with a few tips on how to avoid auto body damage in construction zones are the auto body experts at Minnetonka Collision.


Don’t Follow Too Closely

In a seriously clogged construction zone, you may be tempted to tail the person in front of you, especially if you’re late for work. Before you do, however, consider the consequences. Something as small as an errant pebble can end in an unattractive dent in your vehicle’s paint job, or worse, a cracked windshield. In a construction zone, thousands upon thousands of small pieces of gravel or asphalt may be present, and it only takes one to dent your ride.


If you follow too closely, the tires on the vehicle in front of you can easily propel road debris straight toward the hood of your vehicle. While rock dent removal can return your paint job to its former glory, it’s far less frustrating (and costly) to avoid damage in the first place.


Pay Attention to Signage

Instead of reaching for your phone while you wait for that line of traffic to budge, take a look around at the posted signs along the side of the road. If there’s loose gravel or an unexpected bump in the pavement, construction workers will have made those hazards very apparent with appropriate signage. You’ll also notice large cones or barrels lining construction zones, both of which can damage your vehicle if you inadvertently run into them (it’s common, don’t be so embarrassed). However, you can navigate a construction zone with ease (and no dents) simply by keeping an eye out for posted hazards.


Slow Down!

There’s a reason construction zones have a slower speed limit than other roadways: they’re hazardous, and driving slowly helps you avoid accidents. Even if no workers are present, you still must honor the posted speed limit to keep your vehicle damage-free. Driving slowly helps you avoid dent removal costs caused by rogue rocks that jump up and dent your paneling,  If you fly through a work zone too fast, you’ll be responsible for any auto body repair fees you face (and probably a ticket, to boot).


Expert Auto Body Repair in the Twin Cities

If your vehicle’s been the victim of a rogue rock or other construction zone hazard, it’s time to call the auto body repair experts at Minnetonka Collision. Our qualified technicians specialize in dent removal and paintless dent repair to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. And if you’ve sustained more serious damage in a construction zone, don’t worry; we can bring your vehicle back to life. To schedule service, or to request your free repair estimate, contact our team at 763-230-7805.