Your vehicle should be a thing of pride, and this is shown by a perfect exterior surface. This is why it's so annoying when something causes that surface to be dented. Every time you look at your car, your eyes will travel to that dent and it'll irk you to no end. Even worse, you'll automatically imagine that everyone else is only looking at the dent, too—and depending on where the flaw is, that might actually be the case.

Get the Dent Fixed, and Enjoy Your Car Again

When you get professional dent removal here at Minnetonka Collision Center in Plymouth, MN, it'll look like your car was never damaged. Not only will we restore the proper shape of the affected part, we'll do all needed color matching if paint is needed. There will be nothing unseemly left to catch the eye of those who see your vehicle, so its true beauty will show once more.

Is Dent Removal Expensive?

In most cases, getting a dent removed from a car isn't all that costly. Therefore, you should always get a quote for repairs before resigning yourself to try to live with it. You'll likely find the repair is quite affordable, especially when you consider how the flaw can rob you of your ability to fully enjoy the vehicle.


Several factors go into the cost of getting a dent fixed. One is whether or not the paint is damaged. Dents with less-severe curves are likely to only need to be pulled or bumped out rather than repainted. These can arise from many situations, ranging from storm damage to light collisions in parking lots.


The cost does go up if there is scratching involved or if the dent has severe edges. Then, bump work and repainting are typically needed. Full color matching is also required so there isn't an obvious "new paint" patch to see. That said, if your dent is in a place where the color of the paint isn't as obvious, such as down near the bottom of the vehicle, you may not need to have us be as precise with the color. This can reduce costs.


If your car has a dent that's been driving you nuts, don't let it annoy you any longer. Contact us here at Minnetonka Collision Center in Plymouth, MN. We'll be glad to give you a quote for a proper repair.