If your car was damaged in a hailstorm, your best option is to take it to an auto body shop as soon as possible. A certified technician can inspect your car and make the necessary repairs. If you wait to fix the car, the damage will progressively get worse.


Minnetonka Collision Center offers complete auto restoration after a hailstorm. Bring your car into our auto body center today, and we will make your car look like new again.

Document the Damage Before You Bring the Car In

The first action you should take if your car has been hit is to document the damage. Pull out your smartphone or your digital camera and take several photos or videos from various angles.


Try to take up-close shots of the dents in your car as well as panoramic shots of the entire vehicle. The reason you want to document the damage is for insurance purposes.

Contact Your Auto Insurance Company

Once you’ve documented the damage, contact your insurance company. A Minnetonka Collisions Center technician can claim you when you bring the car into our service center.


If you make a claim yourself, then specifically ask for Minnetonka Collision Center to work on your car if you prefer our center. We work with many of the leading insurance companies in Minnesota.

Do Not Wash Your Car

You’ve probably heard that you should wash your car after a hailstorm. The reasoning for this is so that the insurance adjuster can view the dents more clearly. If possible, keep your vehicle and the damage intact without washing it.


The insurance adjuster needs to see the damage as is with no alterations. It allows the adjuster to make an accurate assessment of the damage. Another option you may have is to bring your car to our service and enable us to assess the damage and make a report to the adjuster.

We Can Give You an Estimate for Auto Repairs

Once your insurance provider approves the repair at Minnetonka Collision Center, you need to get an estimate to determine how much it’s going to cost for a full hailstorm repair. The estimate may include:


●        Pulling the dents out of the car and smoothing out the surface

●        Replacing parts as necessary such as fenders, bumpers, or the glass

●        Painting over the damaged areas and restoring the car to looking like new once again.


Once we estimate how much the repair will be, we send the documents directly to your insurance provider.

Completing the Auto Body Repair

Once the estimate is given, and the repair is cleared, then we can go to work to restore you care back to new. Our technicians have the certification and experience necessary to repair your car fully.


When the dents are taken out, and the paint job is done, your car will look new once again.  You’ll never know that there was any damage.

Hailstorm Repair in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minnetonka Collision Center has established a solid reputation as a car repair company you can trust. We provide a wide range of service that includes dent removal, hail repair, fender repair, and paint matching. No matter how damaged your car is from hail, we can repair it.


To find out more about the auto body services we offer or to schedule service, call us at 763-230-7805. You can also message us on our contact page.