If the body of your vehicle recently incurred damage, you’re probably wondering whether you should pursue auto body repairs or replace your ride. If you’re like most drivers, it can be a tough decision, especially if you’re attached to your vehicle and you’ve invested time and money in upgrades and precision care.


While it’s certainly possible to restore most types of cosmetic damage, in some cases, pursuing repairs simply isn’t your most cost-effective option. To help you in your decision process, the repair experts at Minnetonka Collision Center explain when to repair or replace a vehicle with body damage.


Auto Body Repair: When Is It the Best Option?

When you take your vehicle to an auto body repair shop, the first thing you’ll need to do is get an estimate for the repairs. If you have collision insurance that will be covering the cost of repairs, you’ll need to send that estimate to your insurance provider. Your insurer will then determine whether fixing the damage is the most cost-effective option.


Your insurance company will typically cover the cost of repairs as long as that cost doesn’t exceed your vehicle’s current value. In most cases, the cost to restore minor to moderate body damage is less than the value of the vehicle itself.  If your vehicle has one or more of the following types of cosmetic damage, pursuing auto body repairs is usually your best option:


●        Hail damage, which typically results in several minor dents

●        Fender or bumper damage

●        Vandalism, which often requires just a quick touchup paint job

●        Small areas of body damage, which can usually be fixed with paintless dent repair 


Replacing the Vehicle: What You Need to Consider

When you send your repair estimate to your insurance company, they have the final say in whether the value of your vehicle exceeds the projected cost of repairs.


If you own a high-end automobile, chances are repairs won’t exceed the vehicle’s value. But if you own an older automobile and it requires major dent fixes and touchup paint, there’s a high probability your insurer will deem your vehicle totaled. If they decide to total your vehicle, that means the projected cost of repairs exceeds the vehicle’s current value. In that case, replacing your ride will be the most cost-effective option.


Your insurer will cut you a check for the amount they determine your vehicle is worth, and you can use those funds to help pay for your new ride. If your vehicle has one of the following types of damage, it’s almost always best to replace it:


●        Flood damage

●        A major dent from a collision or severe weather

●        Multiple sections of panel denting throughout the vehicle


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