It happens to every vehicle owner at some point: You walk outside, look over your vehicle, and notice a dent, scratch, or rust formation that appeared out of nowhere. You assess the extent of the damage, determine it’s only minor, and then question if it’s even worth pursuing auto body repairs. After all, if it’s just a minor scratch or ding — how much can that really hurt the value of your vehicle?


At Minnetonka Collision, we understand bringing your vehicle to an auto body repair shop isn’t always convenient. But if you own an automobile of substantial value, pursuing body repairs is essential to maintain its worth. Below, we explain how dents, scratches, and rust can affect your vehicle and why you need to have the damage repaired promptly.


Paint Scratches

Scratches and cuts in your vehicle’s paint job won’t result in any type of deeper structural damage, but they will devalue your vehicle. Not only will cosmetic blemishes immediately reduce the resale value of your car or truck, but they can also encourage corrosion over time. And if a relatively minor scratch or scrape develops rust, that rust can eat away at the paint surrounding the damage. That’s why prompt auto body repair is critical.


Here’s the good news: Scratches, cuts, and scrapes are usually simple and quick to repair. Plus, with highly accurate dupli-color matching, your auto body repair technicians can create a perfect paint match, so it looks like the damage never even occurred.  


Dents and Dings

Body paneling can dent even under minor force. Regardless of their size, dents and dings are unsightly and reduce the value of your vehicle, so if you ever plan to sell, auto body repairs are critical.


Fortunately, dent repair is a relatively simple process that requires only a small time commitment. And, if the damage isn’t extensive, your auto body repair shop should be able to complete a paintless dent repair, a quick and simple process.


At Minnetonka Collision, our paintless dent repair process can restore your vehicle to its pre-dent condition without ruining the existing paint. This allows for a more affordable repair process and less downtime for your automobile.



If you notice rust on the body of your vehicle, prompt auto body repair is essential. Corrosion doesn’t just ruin the finish on your car or truck; it grows more severe over time and can actually result in deterioration of your vehicle’s structural components.


If you catch rust damage early and pursue the appropriate auto body repairs, you can stop the damage in its tracks. But if you allow the problem to persist, your auto body repair shop may need to replace entire body panels or other components of your vehicle to prevent further corrosion.


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