Winter is just around the corner in the Twin Cities, and you know what that means: months of ice, snow, and poor road conditions that put your vehicle at risk. But even when you’re not on the road, your automobile may be subject to ice-related damage that can cause growing problems if it’s not addressed.


At Minnetonka Collision, we stress the importance of prompt auto body repair because we understand the potential consequences of unaddressed dents and scratches. Below, we discuss some of the most common ways ice can damage your vehicle and why auto body repair is necessary for each situation.


Falling Pieces of Ice

Icicles might look beautiful, but if they fall and land on your vehicle, the damage they can leave behind is anything but aesthetic. And when you park your vehicle beneath a large tree or close to the eave of your garage, you put the body of your vehicle at risk for damage.


While icicle-related dents and scratches won’t put your vehicle out of commission, they’ll certainly mar its appearance and in some cases, contribute to rust formation. When any type of body damage breaks the seal on your vehicle’s paint, water can easily penetrate the area, which results in corrosion. To avoid ongoing damage resulting from a minor to moderate dent or scratch, prompt auto body repair is essential.


Hail Damage

Though hail isn’t common in the dead of winter, it does make an appearance as autumn transitions to winter and winter gives way to spring. And if you park your vehicle outdoors, it’s at risk. Because hail damage occurs rapidly and is largely unpredictable, it can leave widespread denting on the body of your vehicle before you have a chance to run outside and move it. If the hail is severe enough, it can even shatter your windows.


To maintain the value of your automobile and the safety of you and your passengers, it’s best to address any type of hail damage promptly. A reputable auto body repair shop can help you determine what your auto insurance will cover in terms of repairs, as well as assist you with filing your claim.


Mechanical Ice Removal

Have you ever inadvertently damaged the body of your vehicle while scraping ice from your windows? It happens to countless drivers every year. Or, if your doors somehow become frozen shut, forcing them open can also damage your paint job.


Giving yourself plenty of time for ice removal is the best way to prevent this type of ice-related body damage, but not everyone has 20 minutes to spare in the morning. If you do find yourself with scratches and dings, prompt auto body repairs are critical to prevent the formation of rust. The sooner you tend to the repairs, the less time you’ll allow for corrosion to set in.


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