Summer is finally here in the Twin Cities! But did you know relentless sun and high temperatures can damage your vehicle’s paint job if you’re not careful? Though auto body paint won’t last forever — even under mild weather conditions — with proper care and maintenance, it can certainly last a long time. At Minnetonka Collision, we’re here to help you maintain your vehicle’s aesthetic, no matter what the weather looks like outside. To help you get the most life out of your vehicle’s paint job, we’ve outlined a few summer auto body maintenance tips below.


UV Light and Auto Body Paint: How Sunlight Damages Your Vehicle

UV rays are powerful — so powerful, in fact, that they can split molecular bonds, including the bonds that hold together your vehicle’s paint. And, though the clear coat on top the paint provides an additional layer of protection against UV damage, eventually, that clear coat can deteriorate, too, leaving the paint fully exposed to the damaging effects of the sun.


When you see faded, dull, peeling, corroded, or otherwise damaged paint on the hood, trunk, or roof of a vehicle, that damage is almost always due to excessive sun exposure. Fortunately, preventing this type of damage is relatively easy — it just takes some diligence on your part.


How to Protect Your Paint from UV Damage

If ultraviolet rays can’t reach your vehicle, they can’t damage the paint, which means the best way to protect your paint job from sun damage is to keep your vehicle out of the sun. Unfortunately, though, that’s not always possible. The following tips will help protect your paint job when you can’t park your vehicle beneath a covered area:


●        Wash your vehicle frequently. To prevent dirt and other small particles from building up and scratching your paint job, be sure to wash your vehicle at regular intervals.


●        Remove bird droppings and insects immediately. Both bird droppings and dead insects are highly acidic. When you allow these things to sit on your vehicle’s paint, that acidity can eat through the clear coat and cause paint damage. If you have a long commute and routinely see dead bugs on your vehicle’s grille and hood, be sure to rinse them off as promptly as you can. And if you find bird droppings, wipe or rinse them off the paint as quickly as possible.


●        Keep up with waxing. While there’s no conclusive evidence that wax can deflect UV rays, we do know that it’s essential for maintaining the health of the clear coat. Because the clearcoat is designed to minimize damage to the actual paint, routine waxing can go a long way toward preventing fading, dulling, and overall deterioration.


●        Repair paint damage promptly. If you do find paint damage, whether from the sun or something else, be sure to visit an auto body repair shop at your earliest convenience. Once it’s present, a small area of damaged paint can quickly spread because that area is fully exposed to sunlight, corrosion, and a variety of other environmental factors. If you cannot have the damage taken care of right away, try your best to keep your vehicle in an enclosed or covered area to protect the surrounding paint.


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